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Nov 02, 2009 at 01:26 PM

sso for BI failing


Hi ,

I am trying to do SSO with BI.

I have successfully done SSO with ECC, SRM and Solution Manager.

The steps followed in SSO with ECC, SRM and Solution Manager

were easy.

The main concepts were to import the certificate from Portal to

ECC, SRM and Solution Manager.

The steps for Single Sign On for SRM, ECC and Soultion Manager

with Portal is very easy.

Only thing is to use same userid in Portal and the Backend SAP

Systems say SRM.

Or we will have to go for User Mapping for that we need JCO Destination

in Visual Admin for portal.

The steps I did follow for Single Sign On with Portal for SRM, ECC and

Solution Manager.

1> Login to the Portal with your User Id.

Usually there should be some certificate for portal.

If the certificate in portal, then you have to create new Certificate.

The common name should be uaually J2E (SID).

You must be System Admin, then only; you can access the

System Administration.

System Administration-> System Configuration-> Keystore Configuration.

2> In 'Content' select "SAPLogonTicketKeypar-cert" and press and

save "Download verify.der file".

You can download the files in local folder or desktop.

The file that is downloaded is a compressed file in .zip format.

Unzip the file and place in the same location.

This steps can be peroformed from Visual Admin if you are OS Level user

in the Server.

3> Importing the Portal certificate in the SRM system.

Log in to the Backend System

Run transaction STRUSTSSO2

Press Import Certificate (Button in the Certificate field)

Open the generated certificate from step 3 with the right file format that you choosed in step 3.4

Press Add to Certificate List button (Button in the Certificate field)

Press Add to ACL button (Button in the Certificate field)

Enter the <SID> of your Portal

Enter Client 000

Press Save

This steps will be repeated for subsequent clients of SRM, ECC.

Now, the tumbling block SSO with BI.

It is a two way certificate transfer.

First the Certificate for Portal should be Exported to your desktop.

Then use the STRUSTSSO2 to import the Portal Certificate to SAP BI.

Now, my SID is DB1 and client is 100.

There is a self-certificate.

I need to export this Self-Certificate to desktop

and import this certificate to Portal using Visual Admin.

But this step looks to be done as there is a certificate in portal

by the same name, in System Administrator-> KeyStore Configuration.

Also, somebody has made a System Object, System Alias for SAP BI.

The connection test for ITS, WAS and Connectors is all passing.

But when I am going to System Administration->Support->SAP Application

->SAP Transaction->


SAP_BW (SAP BI System Object).

Transaction Code:




This test is passing for SAP SRM System object, SAP ECC System object.

Now, my question is whether the SSO with BI is working or not?

What are the missing steps?


Neha Singh