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Former Member
Nov 02, 2009 at 12:42 PM

Recurring Service Registry errors in log viewer



I'm new to this topic and before I started to build and deploy web services I configured the service registry described here: [Configuring the Services Registry|]

Although the SR works fine I always get these errors (Shortened results):

- Cannot process an HTTP request to servlet [ServicesRegistryRedirector] in [sr_central] web application.

- 500 Internal Server Error is returned for HTTP request []:

component [ServicesRegistryRedirector],

web module [sr_central],

application [],

DC name [],

CSN component[BC-ESI-UDDI],

problem categorization [],

internal categorization [-297722992].

[EXCEPTION] The stream has already been committed.

- There are currently 100 open statements for one connection. The statement texts are:

- 1: PreparedStatement = SELECT A."UDDIKEY_V3",B."DOCPOS",B."KRGROUP_DOCPOS",B." ...

- 2: PreparedStatement = SELECT A."UDDIKEY_V3",B."DOCPOS",B."KRGROUP_DOCPOS ...

- ...

- 100: PreparedStatement = SELECT B."UDDIKEY_V3",B."OP_AUTHNAME",B."OP_NODEID",A."TM_NAMES", ...

Do you know what it might be?