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Nov 02, 2009 at 11:34 AM

Hi Masters,sld is not istalled in system, how can get sld in instlled syste


HI Masters,

Actually I want r/3 and EP in ecc6 system. I dont know which components are selected. now r/3 and every thing is fine. Ep is also coming. How i found , by giving HTTP://HOSTNAME:PORTANO/IRJ/PORTAL , through J2EE_ADMIN user i log in to portal. But in HTTP://HOSTNAME:PORTANO/SLD, it showing error message SLD is not configured . and also in user adminstration , i did not found NWDI_ADM, NWDI_CMSADM, NWDI_DEV , SLDAPIUSER, SLDDSUSER USERS. reamaing 22 users i found there.

So now i need SLD and NWDI in this system. How can i get .

before then i think slddsuser should be locked . but there is no slddsuser user. Totally i found 22 users , actually it should be 27 users . NWDI_ADM, NWDI_CMSADM, NWDI_DEV , SLDAPIUSER, SLDDSUSER, these users are missed.

what is the problem. and how can i solve without again foramtting system .

Please reply me . reply will highly appreciated .