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Former Member
Nov 02, 2009 at 11:31 AM

Parallel Valuation issues



I would like to post 2 questions concerning parallel valuation in ECC6.0

1. SAP Library states that "in comparison with operative valuation, the parallel valuation offers additional valuation methods, such as the SAC method"

Does this mean that SAC method cannot be used in Operative Valuation Area? What if we need to have IFRS in the operative Valuation Area? Wouldn't we be able to use SAC method?

However, I have checked IMG (in operative VA) and it seems that SAC method is available for any VA. It is a question then, why SAP Library states that.

2. Is NEW G/L necessary to use Parallel Valuation ? Not parallel acoounting, just parallel valuation. For example if we need just to calculate book values in IFRS or Local GAAP (as a Paralle Valuation Area) and do not need to post them in a parallel ledger

Thank you!