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Nov 02, 2009 at 11:19 AM

How to remove repeating values from queue (XI 3.0)



I have problems with queue after reading database view with JDBC. In the result list I get all information from 3 databases stored (Header, Group, detail). So for each detail line I have also the header information repeated. This causes problems when I want to create an IDoc per Header. What do I have to do so that only one IDoc is created per "real" Header information?

For example:

Header Group Detail

1212 4 8854569

1212 4 5545855

1212 5 45556498

5555 1 6656954

So in the example above I want to create only 2 IDocs. The first one with 3 detail segements and the second one just with one detail segment. In the moment I get in the queue the header 1212 repeated 4 times - so XI wants to create 4 IDocs. How can I prevent that?

Thanks for any hint!

Best regards

M. Machata