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Nov 02, 2009 at 11:03 AM

BO Publication Dynamic Recipients error



I am trying to publish a deski report to email ids which are not part of Business Objects Enterprise.

I have created 2 deski reports, one named emaild.rep which is being used as source for dynamic resource and contenrep.rep is the one which will get scheduled to users.

I am facing following error. Please note that I am already scheduling one report using Publication and that is working fine. Issue is only when I try with dynamic recipients.

Error I get on log file:

Publication event handler configuration error. Did you properly configure your publication? (FBE60300)

com.businessobjects.publisher.exception.PublishingException$DataProviderClassNotFound: Unable to find class com.businessobjects.publisher.dynamicrecipients.rebean.REDataProvider. Did you configure your publication properly? (FBE42030)

at com.businessobjects.publisher.dynamicrecipients.Internal.DataProviderFactory.getDataProvider(

Your suggestion would really be helpful.

Many thanks..