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Nov 02, 2009 at 11:00 AM

navigation->SET_PARAMETER : IE error when value is too large


Hi All,

I have a field 'kmlstring' that is being fetched from the DB table dynamically.

In the onInputProcessing of the page , i have used,

navigation->SET_PARAMETER( name = 'kmlstring' value = kmlstring ).

Where, kmlstring is of type string.

When kmlstring is not very large, the data is getting displayed, but if the value is too huge( kml string contains dynamically generated code ,which may extend to about pages of code) I get IE message "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage "

wht can be done to resolve this?

PS : I have declared kmlstring as a page attribute and populate this when i fetch teh value from DB, additionaly, kmlstring is also a name of hidden input field which holds this code.