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Oct 22, 2018 at 05:33 AM

Additional code/Document code determination on EU export declaration

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Hello Experts,

I need help to know if the additional codes/document codes that are required on the Export declarations out of EU can automatically get determined on the declaration item if they are part of the TARIC master from the content provider?

I have an example below for TARIC# 9026202000 that has measures 467 and 478 for additional code 4099 and document code Y901 respectively. The way I have currently determined in the document is by having the default data setup in section 2 of my attached document.

One of the reasons we have subscribed to get the EU TARIC codes with Measures from the content provider is to avoid maintenance of data in the default setup and instead drive is directly from the content that would get updated by the provider.

I was thinking that once I classify the part with the appropriate TARIC code, the additional code and document code as it appears in section 3 of my attached document would automatically flow into the declaration line. Apparently, that does not seem to be happening.


Am I missing something or is my understanding incorrect and default data is the only way to bring those codes onto the declaration?