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Nov 02, 2009 at 04:55 AM

Rebate accruals


Dear All

our client requirement is as follows:

'TOD-Turnover Discount'

He wants the auotmatic accruals happen at invoice level as per the scale.

if the sale volume is Rs 2,00,000 --- RS 5,00,000 then accrual should be 1%( discount)

and if the sales vol is Rs 5,00,001 -- Rs 10,00,000 then acrual amount should be 2%( discount)

and so on.


if the sales volume happens to be say Rs 8,00,000 on a particular date.when he wants to create a credit memo manually.

The additional discount to be given should get accrued as mentioned below:

as the sales volume is Rs. 8,00,000 the system should calculate at 1% for the first 5,00,000 and later on 2% to be calculated on the difference amount of (8,00,000-5,00,000) i.e., Rs. 3,00,000/-

so the accrued amount should be [(1% of 5,00,000) + ( 2% of 3,00,000)] = 5000 + 3000 = 8000

but, SAP calculates it as 2% of 8,00,000 = 16000.

Can we acieve this through any means.

I've used std condition type 'BO03' customer rebate and requirement '24' only in billing document.

and I feel may the scale type in condition type will be of some use.

what does scale type 'D' Graduated to interval scale do ???

will it help???

or do i have to use any user exits??