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Nov 01, 2009 at 11:06 AM

Problem on Alternative Payee for Manual Payment


Hi Expert,

I have already setup vendor master- Vendor 1000 with alternative payee Vendor 2000. I posted the invoice $1000 to Vendor 1000 and settle the payment to Vendor 2000. Therefore, I run outgoing payment F-53 and settle the Invoice $1000 to Vendor 2000 but the system prompted me 'No open item found'. I thought I should see the open item line for Vendor 1000 when settling outgoing payment to Vendor 2000. I don't know which correct way for alternative payee by manual payment Who can tell me? Thank you.


I setup the alternative payee- Vendor 2000 in Vendor 1000 master data

Step 2:

I run F-53 paying to Vendor 2000 instead of Vendor 1000 but the system promted me cannot found any open item for vendor 2000.

Please help.

Thank you