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Oct 30, 2009 at 08:17 PM

SAPNWABAP701SR1 - Access to RSA1


Hi all,

Installed SAPNWABAP701SR1 within a virtual machine without error. When i access 001 and enter RSA1 i get the "Logical system is missing Create?" message. After reading this thread: please-help-on-logical-client

I'm a little confused about the statement: "log on to 000 (wither using ddic or bcuser user id) and go to transaction SU01, enter BCUSER and hit display.

now log on to 001 using ddic/minisap and go to SU01. enter BCUSER and hit create - set up address details and then click on the roles tab.

copy all the roles from 000 to 001 save and activate."

For me, the BCUSER had no roles but the same SAP_ALL profile within 001 and 000.

I'm also confused about the below instructions:

"Just login into NSP and execute SCC4

click on change on client 001, enter the local system name on that filed if the logical system is not defined then create a logical system.

after that save it

Execute Transaction RZ10. change the parameter value login/system_client = 001"

When i log into SCC4, what system name do i enter? All i see for 001 and 000 is default german names. Within RZ10, there are no profiles to be found?

Can anyone give me step by step instructions with regards to how i can sort this out????

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