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Oct 30, 2009 at 04:07 PM

Help converting or reading SOAP XML-attachment instead of payload



I have to setup a webservice that excepts an xml-file as an attachment and read that xml-file as if it where the main payload of the message.

The messages we receive holds all the data I need in the attachment instead of the data being in the SOAP-body itself. This isnt something I can change since this is a solution provided by amadeus e-travel and I have no chance of changing how they send data to us.

I have searched and searched the forums but havent been able to find a solution(that I understand) to how I can access the xml-file either in a mapping-routine or by simply swapping the payload with the attachment all together.

As of now I have a webservice that is functional and receives the call from the source(amadeus e-travel) without a problem. I can also see the attachment in SXMB_MONI where it looks like a perfect xml-structure. But I have no idea on how to access the attachment so that I can use the data inside it in an abap-proxy in our ECC-system.

As far as I have read on the forums I cannot use the payloadswapbean in the SOAP senderadapter so that option is out. I have seen mention of a java-class for reading attachements in mapping-routines but sadly I'm not much of a Java-programmer and dont have access to one either at the moment. I would need a detailed explanation in order for a java-program to be a viable solution for me.

Is there some trick I have missed here or blog that shows how to read xml-attachments in a soap-message?

Is there any standard Java-code I can use to read the whole xml-structure from the attachment in a mapping-routine?

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance ,