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Oct 30, 2009 at 02:48 PM

"Create delivery" not allowed (User Status INT, object )



I am not from SD background, but have to test sales cycle.

i have created sales order, and now trying to create a delivery and I get the following errorThis is in DEV environment. I have authorization to create it, and i ve done it before. What is the issue here? How do I correct it?

Error details.

"Create delivery" not allowed (User Status INT, object )

Message no. BS051


The status check for the status object indicated that the procedure "Create delivery" cannot be performed because User Status INT forbids it.

System Response

Procedure "Create delivery" is not performed.


If procedure "Create delivery" is to be performed, the User Status INT of object must be reset.

Other statuses than User Status INT can also prevent the procedure. This message does not tell you all statuses which currently prevent procedure "Create delivery".