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Oct 30, 2009 at 01:04 PM

LDB_PROCESS selections problem


Hi there dear ABAP'ers.

I've got such a question

I've got a standard report F.05, which doesn't do BD SELECTs directly, but instead it calls LDB_PROCESS FModule and processes a 'SDF' LDBase.

    call function 'LDB_PROCESS'
            ldbname                     = 'SDF'
*          VARIANT                     =
           EXPRESSIONS                 =  sdf_expressions
*          FIELD_SELECTION             =
*          DYN_NODE_TYPES              =
            callback                    = gt_callback
           SELECTIONS                  =  seltab

F.05 for G/L accounts valuation returns some 'aggregated' values, and I would like to debug it somehow.

When I debug the place in code where LDB_PROCESS is calleg, I see that FM's parameter 'SELECTIONS' contains an itab:

D_SAKNR|S   |I   |EQ    |3110000000
X_CURTP|S   |I   |EQ    |60        
D_BUKRS|S   |I   |EQ    |TCLZ      
D_GJAHR|S   |I   |EQ    |2009      

I try to edit a 'SDF' LDbase in SE36 transaction. I am launching a SELECTIONS screen, then try to insert into screen fields values as in FModule's parameter itab, and when I wish to launch LDB program I got an error message, that one more parameter is missed (key date for open items).

So how does it work that LDB_PROCESS doesn't pass the key date parameter and it fetches data from LDBase correctly, whilst when I launch LDB manually from SE36 - it needs one more additional parameter?

Another thing is ... why when I set a breakpoint in LDB program, after launching F.05 - debugger does not stop at LDB's breakpoint ... I thought that when launching LDB_PROCESS sap launches a LDB's program to gather appropriate data ...

Greetings. P.

Edited by: Piotr Wojciechowski on Oct 30, 2009 2:12 PM

Edited by: Piotr Wojciechowski on Oct 30, 2009 2:12 PM