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Oct 30, 2009 at 10:10 AM

work center grouping


Hi Friends,

I have 8 no of similar type of machine say M1....M8, with 21 hr capacity each per day.

Now first four (M1to M4) machines are grouped for specific finish product say FERT1 and next four(M5 to M8) for FERT2.

Now tell me how to configure this,,whethere as create M11 single machine with individual capacity 4 for first and M22 with individual capacity 4 for second....If so if i have M3 under break down or some problem then i have capacity for FERT1 will be (21x3).

Also some times i can use M5 machine to produce FERT1 in case of overload.

Please tell me best solution to configure.



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