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Oct 30, 2009 at 09:57 AM

Relation between COEP and BSEG


Hi All,

Currently I need to know what is the relation between this two table. I have already known that BSEG store accounting document items and COEP store CO documents items.

I have record in table BSEG with accounting document 1111111111 and cost element 2222222222. There is 100 records.

Then I select to COBK (CO Document Header) where REFBN (Ref Doc Number) = 1111111111 and I found CO document number = 3333333333.

Then I select to COEP using CO document number = 3333333333 and cost element = 2222222222; found there is 100 records.

When I check both table each record has corresponding value. But I can't find other field that can relate both table.

If any of you have better understanding on relathionship of this two table, I will be glad to hear it.