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Can a qr code be assigned to an item within a sap order

Hi. I have a couple of ideas I want to discuss within my company but I don't want to look an idiot sending them down this path if they won't work.

Quick run down... Manufacturing using sap r/3. Within the sales order and the line item we detail individual product sizes... Eg... Ref - A1 1@3.000x0.580.

I want to allocate the reference a qr code. Then the next reference below it a different code. Print it out and stick it on the actual item.. Or... Print random codes scan one put on the item and allocate it to the individual reference in the sap order.

I would then want to scan that code when it gets to the next work station and the next process is complete. This would then confirm off in the"workbench" element of sap that the item has been made. There are multiple process' and in an ideal world the one code stuck to the item would work to Confirm in each work bench area.

Is this at all possible.... One code but multiple end actions across the work bench elements of different detail lines but accross multiple line items..... Common factor would be the A1panel reference.

AM I expecting to much.


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