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Oct 30, 2009 at 04:50 AM

Regarding Stock Transfer with Delivery with Excise


Hi sapgurus,

According our client requirement, where we send goods from one plant (Excisable Plant-Issuing plant) to another plant(Non-Excisable Plant-Receiving plant). But at the receiving plant all the duties shoule be added to the material cost. If so then, how should I configure.

So far I tried with

1) At the GRN, I have done u201CNo excise Entryu201D, still the duties are not adding to the Material cost.

2) At the GRN, I have put all the duties Manually in the Excise item level, but the duites are not adding to the Material cost.

3) I check all the setting related to the Excise, but I could not find any solution.