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Oct 30, 2009 at 02:42 AM

The easiest way to make a copy of PRD



We are going to have a copy of PRD in order to run-test prior to do db2 upgrade to a server which was used as a db server and apps before, says: serverTEST. The serverTEST has been detached from PRD SAN switch and attach to DS SAN switch as a testing environment.

Our question is what the easiest way and/or procedures (e.g. restore data) to make serverTEST exactly the same with the current PRD system?

We have 2 options now (please correct me if i'am wrong):

1. restore data from PRD using sapinst

2. restore data from db2 level, then change the profile and environment

Is there any alternative easiest and fastest way to do this activity?

Your help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.