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Oct 29, 2009 at 10:57 PM

BOR Method No Importing Parameter


Hello All,

I have a task value (&_WORKITEM.CREATEDBYUSER.ID&) that I am trying to pass to a BOR method.

The binding from the task to the method has been defined in the task correctly. (I think...)

The BOR Method is using the following statement:

SWC_GET_ELEMENT container 'UserName1' username1.

However I receive SY-SUBRC = 8.

I do not understand what could be wrong so I populated the Initial Value of the task container 'UserName1' with value 'ANYTHING'.

The BOR method imported the value "ANYTHING". This indicates to me:

- the binding is correct ,

- the BOR Method import is correct, and

- I checked SWI1 and the value &_WORKITEM.CREATEDBYUSER.ID& is populated too

So why can I not import it the value into the method?

Please help,