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Oct 29, 2009 at 08:56 PM

Finding the field catalog table for RMCB0300 SAP report for MC.9 t-code.


I created a copy of report RMCB0300 to ZRMCB0300 in hopes of adding a few more columns to display in the report. I've managed to find the final table (int_s000) and included the new columns. My problem is that i need to add the new columns to the field catalog table as well so that they will show up as available fields to display when selecting the key figures. However, I can't find in the code where it is doing this? Can someone help? I can't find which INCLUDE file has the code that builds the field catalog.

As I am debugging, I found that the final table (int_s000) is completed in INCLUDE named ZRMCS00AL after doing the PERFORM subroutine DATEN_BESCHAFFEN. I assumed that the field catalog should be built after this but I don't see it happening as I debug.