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Oct 29, 2009 at 07:15 PM

Very slow system - Performance Problems


Hi gurus,

I decide to create this message because I´m faccing with a very bad and persistence problem with my system! Help me please I don´t know what can I do more... I don't get how I solve this problem. 😔

I installed this system an one week ago... and since there the users have notice some problems in it performance!

The system is an ECC 6.0 SR3 with Oracle DB in windows 2008 server x64. After I installed the system I did some tasks that is mentioned in chapter 5 Post-Installation on Installation Guide of SAP ERP 6.0 SR3 ABAP. Those tasks were the checking the recommended Oracle Database Parameters (830576) update Oracle database statistics (note 838725) I also checked the note 974781 which recommend which Internal database maintenance jobs is important or not in Oracle 10.2. And some momments ago I read the note 146289 Parameter Recommendations for 64-Bit SAP Kernel and apply some recomentation mentioned in there, inside of this note sap talk about other nome that in my opinion is important... I don´t know if that is important that is the note 103747 which is for SAP profile parameters that are not covered in note 146289.

I don´t know what I should do to solve this problem... I already check the ST02 and ST06.... but I´m not an expert and I don´t understand what some values in there represent for the all system performance!

Like I said above what I did until now was create and run oracle statistics, fix some problems in Oracle parameters that sap recommend to change and I apply all recommendation in internal database maintenance jobs.

The system is very slow and before entry in each transaction the system show a message "Cannot start transaction SMEN" (Image 1) and after that it open the transaction in other sap window/new session!! Other sign it is when we are in a transaction and we do a back window (F3) the system display another message/window with "Start SAP Easy Acess" (Image 2).

*Image 1 --»

*Image 2 --»

Can you help to solve this problem.. what I have to do..?

Best regards,

João Dimas - Portugal