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Former Member
Oct 29, 2009 at 06:48 PM

Data load to PSA is failing from 0CRM_COMPLAINTS_I


Hi All,

I have an issue, Please help me out..

When i schedule a delta data load process to PSA by 0CRM_COMPLAINTS_I data source it is failing.. It was happening from the last three days. I found in the batch job log that it was happening till it goes through Customer Enhancement of the datas source i.e. i could see the log till Call customer enhancement EXIT_SAPLRSAP_001 (CMOD) with 1,404 records after that nothing is being recorded and the job is getting terminated.

From the monitor screen of BW, Error message is that the file that I am trying to load is being edited.. Exact message is below.

if the source system is a Client Workstation, then it is possible that the file that you wanted to load was being edited at the time of the data request. Make sure that the file is in the specified directory, that it is not being processed at the moment, and restart the request.

Ironically.. if i see the job was never successful the aspect would have been different but after repeated attempts suddenly the load is getting successful..

Kindly help me.