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Oct 29, 2009 at 03:41 PM

create a program interactif



he objective is to create a program that displays the data headers and posts sales orders, respectively VBAK and VBAP.

Fields to display are: Order Number (VBAK-VBELN) command post (VBAP-POSNR), number of Article (VBAP-MATNR), quantity ordered (VBAP-KWMENG), unit (VBAP-VRKME) customer number main contractor (VBAK-KUNNR).

Create 3 buttons (COMMAND, items, customers)

Several actions must be triggered:

u2022 Double-click on order number (or COMMAND button) = triggering transaction display order (VA03).

u2022 Double-click on item number (or button ARTICLE) = triggering transaction display section (MM03).

u2022 Double-click on the customer number (or button client) = triggering transaction display customer data bases (FD03).

Thanks en advance


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