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IDOC msgfn, change pointer

Hello All,

I have an issue in SAP MDG , where we have the value mapping for the UOM for the target system.

Now the user has bypassed the UOM value mapping checks and the outbound IDOC for the same and processed sucessfully. However later he recoginsed it was a fault and deleted the value manually for the material.

Now when the IDOC was generated it has generated with MSGFN: 003 for deletion. While processing this IDOC an error is generated that value mapping is incorrect from the standard program.

How can I delete this specific deletion msgfn or the change pointer.



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1 Answer

  • Posted on Oct 17, 2018 at 08:36 PM

    Can't you trigger a new Idoc with correct mapping of UOM? I am sorry I am unable to understand the business scenario here.

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    • Hello Gupta sir,

      Thanks for the reply, let me make case clear.

      There is value mapping in MDG system, just like conversion rules.

      Creation scenario: User enters a wrong UOM(FUT), which is not meant for the target system. The system pushes the IDOC without any error.

      Material changes Scenario: User then realizes that he has entered a wrong UOM value and deletes the value. The IDOC is generated but while pushing it throws and error saying the value mapping value is incorrect for the target system.

      Now the issue is that business does not want to change the value mapping just for one material in error.

      When ever we try to reprocess the material the error repeats. Is there any way to get this cleared like deleting the specific change pointer or any thing that can make sure that UOM(FUT) does not appear in the IDOC for that material?

      Thanks in Advance !!!!