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Oct 29, 2009 at 02:49 PM

BPM Multi Mapping to diffrend receivers


Hello All,

i have to deploy an bpm process with 1:N mapping and different receivers

i have an receive step an transformation step for the mapping and

two send steps each in an block to send single messages to the receivers.

my problem is:

say the input Message has 4 Subtrees so after the Mapping i have 4 Messages for receiver1 and 4 Messages for receiver2

BMP send all 4 Messages to receiver1 and then all 4 messages to receiver2

but i want to send message1 tor receiver1 , then message 1 to receiver2

so that the pattern is like this:

MSG1Rec1, MSG1Rec2

MSG2Rec1, MSG2Rec2

MSG3Rec1, MSG3Rec2

is this possible with bpm.

Multi Mapping without bpm is not possible 😊

regards ralf