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Oct 29, 2009 at 10:41 AM

JIT and Forecast Schedules


Hello Experts,

We are using Scheduling Agreement with Release documentation. The creation profile is having the following details

Aggregation horizon

JIT Shcudule Dialy Aggregation - 60days

Forecaset Sch Monthly Aggregation - 365 days

Now we maintained demand on monthly basis in MD61 Say

Oct '09: 100 Feb: 140

Nov'09 : 110 Mar '10: 150

Dec '09: 120 Apr'10: 160

Jan '10: 130 May '10:170 till Sep'10: 210

Created Scheduling aggreement with creation profile, Maintained the SA details in Source List. Now on MRP execution(on 28th Oct '09), the following are observations

1 For the month of Oct'09 system created PR (not schedule line)

2 For the month of Nov, Dec, Jan : JIT Schedule is created with delivery dates spanning monthly once

3 In the Forecast release also, it is observed that for each month starting from Nonv '09 to Oct'09, schedule lines are created

Can you please tell me

1 How come PR is created for first month. If we need to create schedule line for the first month also,is any setting needed

2 Eventhough dialy aggregation is 60 days for JIT, the scheule lines for Nov, Dec & Jan also created. Any views on this

3 In Forecast Schedule Release, it is showing the schedule lines right from Nov'09. How come it is covering the schedule line period covered in JIT also.

Request you to provide your inputs please

Thank you,

Best Regards,

Ramakrishna Mangena