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Oct 29, 2009 at 09:26 AM

Net value missing


i created a new pricing procedure for free of cost order as follows:

10 0 PR00 Bag Price X 2 ERL

20 0 ZSED Special Excise Duty 10 10 X 10 ZSD

30 0 ZMWS Sales Tax 10 10 X 10 MWS

35 0 ZDFR Customer Discount 10 10 X ERS

40 0 Net Value 10 35 X

50 0 Discount 35

for zsed and zmws, it's optional at the order level. when i goto create order and choose the relevant document type and in conditions i put discount at 100% but no tax and try saving it, it tells me net value is missing (because it is zero). the minute i enter a tax and net value goes up it lets me save it. i want to be able to save it even if net value is zero. how would i do this? i need this because at times client will give customer 100% discount and that includes no charge on tax.