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Can anyone send me a copy of SAP note 2081725 (reason 6)?

Hi, everybody

I wish to have more information on BP Payment Consolidation and in particular about the following error message:

"The consolidating BP behind one or more of the selected transactions is different from the current consolidating BP".

I learn in the following thread that there is a SAP note 2081725 (reason 6) which explains more about this error message.

Unfortunately, I do not have Partner S-User ID and password to access the SAP Note (reason 6).

Grateful if anybody with S-User ID could paste a copy of the SAP note here, or send it to my private mail:

<email address removed by moderator>

There is no need to send me detailed explanations. I have read practically everything published on the forum. I need the SAP note only (if possible).



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    Posted on Oct 22, 2018 at 05:56 AM

    Hi Leon,

    Your SAP Partner (consultant) can tell you the S-User ID that he set up for you (8 years ago), because he manages the S-User accounts for all his customers. he can also reset the password. Any claims that he cannot, or that it is your problem, are false.

    If he does not give you the information, you need to lodge a complaint with SAP. This is your business we are talking about, and you chose SAP for their reliable support system. That means that you do not need to accept excuses from your SAP Partner.

    Once you have obtained the S-user and password, please go to the Support Launchpad for SAP Business One, and preferably create a bookmark in your browser. You will find a lot of information there, including download links for your software, documentation and indeed, SAP Notes.



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  • Posted on Oct 21, 2018 at 07:49 PM

    Hi Christopher

    Thanks for your reply.

    I did not know I was doing something wrong. I have seen threads on the forum where people have quoted freely from SAP notes, so I thought there was no harm asking a copy of part of the note.

    In fact, our company is a customer of SAP (more than 8 years).

    Our SAP consultant told us he has given us the user ID when he installed SAP (a licenced installation) more than 8 years ago. Today, I do not even know where I kept the envelope, less alone remember if he did give us a user ID.

    I have asked SAP to give us our ID and another password. They told me to contact my consultant. But the consultant is not taking steps to give me my user id. What can I do?

    Ps. But can you tell me what does the SAP note (reason 6) say? I hope this is not forbidden.



    Ps: I have removed my e-mail address and slightly modified my question to comply with forum rules.

    Ps2: ooops! Could not modify my qustion on my tablet!

    I'll try again on my office computer tomorrow

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  • Posted on Oct 21, 2018 at 04:36 PM

    VERY bad form! (1) you NEVER should be asking for notes to be posted/sent. You SHOULD have an ID to use for OSS access (either as a customer or a consultant to a customer) (2) You should not post your email address in a thread.

    I would just report it to have this removed, but then you would never learn/know why it is wrong.

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