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Oct 28, 2009 at 08:03 PM

BDC direct processing (SM35) within the program with error log


Hi Gurus!

I have created a BDC program to upload the transcation FB01

froma a tab delimited file .My program works fine

and updating the FB01 screens correctly . What I ahve done in the

program is that as soon as the file name is entered in the

selection screen and executed it shows the message

"Check Session FB01UPLOAD in SM35 for processing job".

Then we have to goto SM35 and either manually process or in background

processing and then only its uploaded.

What I would like to do is , as it would be used by the user and they wont be able to

gotoSM35transaction , I would like my program to

directly do the processing also within the program itself and instead of

giving the above message should give me error log

saying that these were the records that were not uploaded with the list of

data that were not uploaded , in the output.

Could anyone please tell me how to or what would I ahve to add to my proram

so that this can happen , I mean the processing is done within the BDC

program and error message is created with a lit of all error data?

Thanks a lot in advance.