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Oct 28, 2009 at 05:24 PM

"Discrete Ind. & Mill Products" and Businnes Functions


We have ECC600 at level Support Package 13 and the customer is willing to test the Businnes Functions DFPS_MRO_PDR and AD_MRO_CI_2.

The consultants says they are not able to see these functionalities on the system as it is now.

We see these Businnes Functions appears on Sap documentation related to ENHP3 or higher, but we are not able to found other documentation for previous release.

As for the documents map attached to note 1165438, we see the DFPS_MRO_PDR and AD_MRO_CI_2 are part of the Technical Usage "Discrete Ind. & Mill Products"

The file EHP4_BF_SWCV_mapping_v2.pdf attached to note 1165438 indicate the "Discrete Ind. & Mill Products" withe these attributes:

Software component1: SAP_APPL 6.04

Software component2: EA-APPL 604

Software component3: ECC-DIMP 604

Actually the "Discrete Ind. & Mill Products" , (DIMP_SDUD) is deactivated in SFW5 in our ECC60 system. Also the EA-APPL.

Nothing is active in SFW5.

The first question is:

1) The DFPS_MRO_PDR and AD_MRO_CI_2 Businnes Functions have been added with ENHP3 and higher , or to see them in the ECC60 environment as it is now it's enought to activate the "Discrete Ind. & Mill Products" and the EA-APPL in the SFW5 transaction ?

2) In case these Businnes Function are in ENHP3 and higher, it means we should to install the ENHP4 (the latest available).

In order to do it we have first to activate the "Discrete Ind. & Mill Products" and the EA-APPL in SFW5 so the Maintenance optimizer will be able to calculate the proper queue ?