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Oct 28, 2009 at 05:24 PM

Setting Dynamic values to the payload-name / Content Desc


Hi All,

I am using a PayloadZIp module and i am trying to zip the file and retain the filename.

For this i have done the following things. I have used PayloadZIp in the Sender channel. In the recv channel used the DynamicConfigurationBean and wrote the value as a part of message_interface and then using variable substitution i have configured made the filename as the sender

for eg if the file zipped at the sender side is name1.txt the recv channel would be where the variable substituiton would have the value name1.txt

but the problem is that the value of the file inside the zip is not name1,txt . I would like it to be name1.txt

I have used the messageTransformBean and stuff tried setting the ContentTypes Desc all of them take constant values. i am not able to set the real filename as the filename for the attachment.

Can anyone share their views on this and let meknow hw i can achieve this