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Oct 28, 2009 at 03:22 PM

Research Resources and Rules of Engagement


Hi experts and wanna-be experts:

Welcome to the Utilities space on SCN.

Before anything else, read The SCN Rules of Engagement

Update 09/09/2012 - search enhancements are available in SCN:

Before posting your question or response, please ensure that you have followed these basic rules:

  1. Search the forum to ensure that the question has not already been asked and/or answered. Use the text or tag filter. Duplicate posts will be removed. Consistent violations will result in loss of forum privileges.
  2. Ask specific questions - how can I default value 'X' in process Y instead of tell me how ISU works. Here is a blog Asking Good Questions in the SCN Discussion Spaces will help you get Good Answerswith hints on how to ask questions the right way and [another|] with great internet forum tips. Generic posts will be removed. Consistent violations will result in loss of forum privileges.
  3. Asking for documentation about billing or meter reading, etc is not allowed. Posts will be locked immediately.
  4. Do your work prior to posting. The forums are not a replacement for your own research. Show what you have investigated. Intelligent, thoughtful posts will get the best responses.
  5. Do not share your email address within your posting. Add it to your profile or send a user a direct message. Sharing email addresses within threads is not permitted and the content will be removed.
  6. Keep your threads updated - when they are solved, mark them as such and identify helpful/correct answers where appropriate. If you solve it on your own, provide the solution you have found so that others can benefit. How to close a discussion and why is a helpful document explaining how and why to do this

Here are the best, most relevant places to look for information on the SAP for Utilities solution:

  • Search the SAP Service Marketplace. There is a good deal of Utilities Industry process and solution documentation available there, including the new BPEM cookbook supplied by Fritz in May, 2013.

  • Search site for white papers and other documentation.

  • Check also the Utilities BPX Community and the wikis, blogs and other assets available there.

  • Check the SAP website for Utilities Industry

  • Some moderator recommended links

Moderator Picks for SAP for Utilities space

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