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Oct 28, 2009 at 02:35 PM

where do the ns0 ns1 ... xml namespaces come from? They mess up my mapping!



For some reason PI 7.1 inserts xml namespaces "ns0", "ns1" etc into the tags in the xml Invoice defined as an external definition.

Hence it expects those ns0 namespaces in the incoming message, but the incoming message does not have those namespaces!

Instead, the incoming message adheres to the imported "External Definition" Invoice.xsd (see the file under this link: )

Where the namespaces mainly are "com:" or "main:".

I have tested it both using the test under message mapping, operation mapping and by dropping a message and let it go thru the pipeline but all fail.

My questions are:

1) why does PI insert the ns0 namespaces?

2) why does PI not accept my source document instance even though the instance adheres to the "rules" in the Invoice.xsd (and imported schemas) which is used as the source External message?

3) How do I fix this?