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Oct 28, 2009 at 02:10 PM

GOA - Good practice in your projects


Hi All

Are you changing the following things in your GOA ?

1.Target value of contract - Intially you create a contract for 10,000 INR and later can you change the same contract to 99,9999 INR? i think it is allowed is srm

2.Can you change the Contract validity date ? iniatiially you create a contarct validity date is 2009.09.01 and later can you extend the contract validity date to 2010.12.12 ?

Ability to extend the contract ?

Abiility to change the target value data ?

Are you do maintance of contract ?

What piece of data buyr many change after creaing original goa ? for eg. set inactive material . what piece of data buyer may change in your account?

Are these standard SRM allows?