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Oct 28, 2009 at 09:21 AM

Agro- Chemical


greetings ...

My client is working on annual sales Plan whre they prepare annual plan monthly wiith there product .

Now after that they make the plan Depends on Packing . means During annual meeting they have master Plan with refernce to product. Now after that on basis of packing they have Monthly Plan.

ex. Chemical A 20% EC - 1200 Liter Total annual Quantity

packing: 5 liter Chemical A 20% EC 4 liter Chemical A 20% EC 3 liter Chemical A 20% EC 2 liter Chemical A 20% 100 liter for 1 month: 25 liter 25 liter 25 liter 25 liter

like this Planner make plan for Rest 11 Month.

In this How can make my annual Plan ?? Can i make some Packing Plan separate , then in this case what will be the BOM level.

What will be the ideal Scenario mapping for this kind of requirement.