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Oct 28, 2009 at 07:17 AM

Function addition of Matrix object of UI-API



I would like you to add the new features included to the Matrix object of UI-API.

・All data is acquired from the screen once

・All data is set to the screen once

The performance of add-on using UI-API is very bad as long as this function doesn't exist.


1. The item is acquired from the line data of the order slip for an indispensable check.

2. Objects of an indispensable check are five items.

<< Present specification >>

1 details --> 5 times Data acquisition

100 details --> 500 times Data acquisition

<< New function proposal >>

1 details --> 1 times Data acquisition

100 details --> 1 times Data acquisition


Extensive renovations can be expected as a performance.

Please achieve a new function immediately.