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Oct 28, 2009 at 06:10 AM

Trouble with SCOT --- need ur help



Take a look @ how I have configured the SCOT and please try to notifiy me where exactly i am committing mistake.

Physical machine

Local Host name: sapserver

IP address:

Vmware machine

Domain controller

Domain Name:

host Name: master

Full computer name:

IP address:

I can see the both systems in the workgroup that means both are in shared mood.

In Local host I have installed SAP i.e only ABAP engine.


1) I have enabled SMTP node in smicm i.e.8025

2) I have activated SMTP Frame work in sicf.

3) I selected scot and gone to settings/default domain and here I have given as ""

4) I double click the SMTP node and select " Node in use" .

5) I entered in mail host as " master".

6) I clicked Internet set and given * in address area.

7) I have created user with ID as " superuser" and given an entry in mail ID as ""

8) I send a message and given recipient name and type as "" and " internet" and select " expres"

9) After sending the message and againg go to SCOT and when I refresh I got the message in waiting list.

10) When I select start send process I got a window of list of sent objects

11) Then I get a window saying " SAPoffice express info" when I select continue it is going into error list.

12) When I go and chk the trace levels I got the below statements.

Status @5C\QErrors@

Send Method via Internet

Document title hellow

Document size 6B




Send date 28.10.2009

Send time 09:55:35

Message number 816

Status txt Message cannot be transferred to node SMTP due to connection error (final)

Message ID XS

Message type (E,I,W,...) E

TransMeth(Shrt) INT

Document class RAW

Object year 34

Object number 000000000013

Recipient type ADR

Recipient year 34

Recipient number 000000000002

Counter 10002



Sender SUPERUSER Sent on 28.10.2009 09:55:35

Send attribs Express

Status return Status is always confirmed

Status mail is only sent to inbox if errors occur

Send History Date Time Status

28.10.2009 09:55:35 Document sent

09:55:35 Wait for communications service

10:34:22 Message cannot be transferred to node SMTP due to connection error (final)

10:34:22 Document deleted from queue

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