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Oct 28, 2009 at 04:32 AM

Problem with Repeating Subform bnot displaying


I have a reapting subform but when I use the addInstance or InsertInstance, it is not adding a row onto the screen. I can see from the instanceManager.count that the number of rows has increaes but they are not visible.

The Hierarchy is:

CreateMaterialForm - Subform Flowed, top to bottom binding: $record.MaterialNode

==== ClassificationForm - Subform Flowed, top to bottom binding: CLASS

======== ClassLevelForm - Subform Flowed, top to bottom , Repeat Subform, Min count 1 binding: CLASSTAB[*]

============ ClassLevelValue - Text Field binding: VALUE

I only ever have the first row regardless of how many rows I add to the data structure at run time. If I start the table with Min of 5, then the rows will be displayed as I add them to the data table.

How do I get the subform to expand to display the additional rows? I have even tried placing a Button where the click event I did the AddInstance and sthat still did not add more visible rows. It added rows according to the instanceManager.count.

NWDS 7.0.19

Live Cycle 8.01