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Former Member
Oct 28, 2009 at 04:28 AM

GL balance in FS10N not tally with KE5Z due to trx posted to FI but not CO



Need help to solve this problem.

Some of our FI postings were not reflected in the Profit Center accounting therefore when we compare GL balances in FS10N against KE5Z, the figure does not tally.

Suspected when the transaction was posted, the cost element for the GL was not created yet.

ie GL account 123456 created in 01.10.2009, transaction posted in 06.10.2009, but the cost element for 123456 was only created on 12.10.2009. Therefore the transaction posted on 06.10.2009 only updates FI but not on the CO side. Not sure whether this is the actual reason or could be due to other reasons.

Is there any way to reverse/repost such that figures from the 2 tcodes tally? Thank you in advance.