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Nov 22, 2016 at 04:30 AM

High Availability Configuration for SAP B1 HANA 9.2


Dear All

We are implementing SAP B1 9.2 HANA in an on-premise setup with DELL R730 servers. The client wants to have Browser access to the SAP functionalities. The client also wants High Availability to safeguard against motherboard failures. They do not want to use Network Storage, though.

From what I have seen in the SAP docs regarding HA for B1 HANA, the following components are involved:

1. Primary HANA Server: DELL R730 with 128 GB RAM and 4x600GB 10K Disks (RAID5)

2. Secondary HANA Server: DELL R730 with 128 GB RAM and 4x600GB 10K Disks (RAID5)

3. Central Server: Doesn't need to be a HANA appliance but what is the minimum spec? Does this have the HTTP Load Balancer (HLB) component as well?

4. Windows Server: Needed for Browser Access service. What is the minimum requirement for this server?

My questions are the following:
- #2 is safeguarding us against a failure in #1. But what happens if #3 or #4 has any failure? Should there be passive standby servers for #3 and #4?

- Where does the HLB reside? If it is in #3 (the Central Server), and #3 fails, is it sufficient to have a stand by Central server for #3?

- Both #1 and #2 have their own storage blocks (4x600GB 10K Disks RAID5). Client wants to replicate Primary System (#1) to the Secondary passive system (#2). They do not want to utilize network storage. Also, both #1 and #2 will be in the same server cabinet. Is this configuration alright?

- The OS to be used is SLES11SP4 (tailored for HANA). Will the OS be set up as a cluster configuration with #1, #2, #3 (and standby for #3, if reqd)?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards