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Former Member
Oct 27, 2009 at 08:33 PM

Operating leasing configuration


Hi all,

I have a customer that has operating leasing. They want to have better control of their leasing costs. I have search on internet and found that there is possible to crate assets for operating leasing as follow:

I configure a new asset class, 6000 and then create a new asset in AS01. In AS01 i tell:

- Agreement number

- Agreement date

- Notice date

- Lease start date

- Lease lenght

- Type

- Base value as new

- Purchase price

- No lease paymen

- Payment cycle

- Lease payment

- Annual rate of interest

I then choose the depreciation areas tab page and select deact field for depreciation areas.

Then I can see the value in transaction S_ALR_87011992.

But how do I do when I then got invoices, how do I link the costs to this asset, so I can see that the cost belong to this asset? Do I have to create statistical orders that has the same number as the asset?

Is this the best solution for my customer, to create a new asset class and see the leasing among the other assets? If not what else can be a solution, for example only statistical orders?

They also want to have better control over the accruals of leasing. Do you have a better solution then transaction FBS1 and F.82?

Thanks in advance!

Regards Lisa