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Oct 16, 2018 at 03:28 PM

DMC_RT_MSG 618 Error when importing an LTMC Project


Hi everybody:

We have created a Migration project in DEV system (1610 on premise) and made all tests successfully.

Then we exported to a zip file, end imported in the QAS system under the same Mass Id Number. The import was sucessfull and we also have migrated content successfullly.

Now, we realized that some fields are not in the template, so then, we worked with LTMOM in DEV system again, regenerated de programs, and tested them again successfully (DEV).

We made a new EXPORT but when we try to import to QAS, as the Project (same mass id) was already used, and some data transferred, are receiving error "DMC_RT_MSG 618" Some migration objects in the prod. system are not found in the transport"

Any ideas? For QAS system...Should we delete all transferred records, delete the project, and create the project again using same mass id (to get it new and empty) and make a new IMPORT? Or perhaps a better way exists?

Thanks a lot