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Oct 27, 2009 at 01:54 PM

message IW805 in IW32 personel number not assigned to workcenter


we are busy implementing the enhancement packages.

now the system suddenly reacts differently since the productive system went to stack 15 and gives a message when a personel number is not assigned to a workcenter.

this is also quite impossible to maintain since it's not fixed which personel number works for which working center ?

it was also mentioned in where they wanted to get rid of this message. we never had this message and now we get this nice feature for free suddenly 😔

In IW31/IW32 Not able to configure message IW805

is it possible to customize this message out of the system ?

on the production system there have been no changes to the programm LCOI0I11 since 05.07.2005

I also tried to check if someone entered personell to workcenters which could have triggered this message but I checked authorisation and I'm the only 1 who can change workcenters .

anybody got a clue how this message could appear all of the sudden when there are no transports done in the last week ?

kind regards