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Oct 26, 2009 at 08:45 PM

SD - Starting Up


Hi all,

Iam new to SD and a question is there in my mind regarding customizing.

I know that we can define a sales area and all other other things coming under salesarea in customizing(Like creating salesorganisation,distribution channel,division etc).

When we are creating a sales order,all the relevant datas are taken from the master data tables.

The question for me is


Is the customizing we define using configuration,some kind of rules which will be applied on the master data when retrieving data?

Or can we define something like that.

Can one set some conditions on customizing when retrieving data from master tables.

what is the system worklow when one creates an order.(Like does it checks the customizing and then gos to the master data.Is that the workflow)


In customizing,under "Sales & Distribution" - We can define common divisions.

Why do we do that?Any practical example would help..

Thanks a lot