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MDX statement error."Invalid MDX command with"

Hi, experts.

I"m a begginer of BPC10.1 for NW7.4.

When I make a new report like this screen-shot, error pop-up show.

This error is

"MDX statement error:"Invalid MDX command with""

[{"code":"UJO_READ_EXCEPTION_000","description":"MDX statement error:\"Invalid MDX command with\"","log_id":"00mfMqf27jQiYQdIvin0l0","severity":"error","variables":{"DATAVALUE":"Invalid MDX command with","MDX":" WITH \r\n MEMBER [Measures].[YTD] AS 'IIF(([/CPMB/BFD9ET8 PARENTH1].[2/CPMB/ACCTYPE]=\"INC\" OR [/CPMB/BFD9ET8 PARENTH1].[2/CPMB/ACCTYPE]=\"LEQ\"),-([Measures].[/CPMB/SDATA], CLOSINGPERIOD([/CPMB/BFDCVBM PARENTH1].[LEVEL02])), ([Measures].[/CPMB/SDATA], CLOSINGPERIOD([/CPMB/BFDCVBM PARENTH1].[LEVEL02])))' SOLVE_ORDER=3 \r\n SELECT NON EMPTY {[/CPMB/BFDCVBM PARENTH1].[2006.Q1 /CPMB/BFDCVBM],\r\n [/CPMB/BFDCVBM PARENTH1].[2006.Q2 /CPMB/BFDCVBM],\r\n [/CPMB/BFDCVBM PARENTH1].[2006.Q3 /CPMB/BFDCVBM],\r\n [/CPMB/BFDCVBM PARENTH1].[2006.Q4 /CPMB/BFDCVBM],\r\n [/CPMB/BFDCVBM PARENTH1].[2006.TOTAL /CPMB/BFDCVBM] } *\r\n {[/CPMB/BFD9ET8 PARENTH1].[BS000 /CPMB/BFD9ET8],\r\n [/CPMB/BFD9ET8 PARENTH1].[BS100 /CPMB/BFD9ET8],\r\n [/CPMB/BFD9ET8 PARENTH1].[BS200 /CPMB/BFD9ET8] } ON 0 \r\n from [$/CPMB/BFMDKSS] \r\n WHERE ( [Measures].[YTD],\r\n [/CPMB/BFD2DS7].[Actual],\r\n [/CPMB/BFDJ4SW PARENTH1].[CSO],\r\n [/CPMB/BFDFZQZ PARENTH1].[Balance],\r\n [/CPMB/BFDZ3HS].[EUR],\r\n [/CPMB/BFDKJZ7].[S_Africa],\r\n [/CPMB/BFDV15O PARENTH1].[TotalInterco /CPMB/BFDV15O],\r\n [/CPMB/BFD2HS6 PARENTH1].[AuditTotal /CPMB/BFD2HS6] ) ","V1":"","V2":"","V3":"","V4":""}}]

I couldn't understand why this error is.

I tried to search SAPQA, but I couldn't find solutions.

Please tell me a solution.

Best regards.


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1 Answer

  • Nov 22, 2016 at 06:38 AM

    Can be number of reasons. Provideo full details about your system including BPC and BW SP's. Also check your dimensions.

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