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Oct 26, 2009 at 02:34 PM

Getting all the values of the selected row in a table using Javascript.


Hi Experts,

I am working on Offline Interactive Form.

In this, a prefilled table is displayed.According to the requirement, the user should be able to select any one row of this table, and after the selection I need to check the equipment type of the selected record.Based on this equipment type I need to decide the page number(of the same form) on which the control should navigate.(Here Equipment type is one of the fields in the table).

I am thinking of having a radiobutton as one of the fields of the table so that there will be one radiobutton available on the form for each record, so that user can select a single record by these radio buttons.

Please advice if there is any better approach to get this done.

For achieving the functionality as described above (Going to respective page number according to the equipment type) I am planning to use Javascript.But dont know how to as I have no knowledge of the same.

A sample code for the same would be helpful.

Also please guide me as How to start learning Javascript and any documentation regarding the same would be helpful.

Waiting for your replies.

Thanks in Advance.

Sarang Akhare

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