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Oct 26, 2009 at 12:27 PM

Unicode XTSRING to String Question?


I have an xstring which holds the converted (to non-unicode utf-8) hexidecimal contents of a string. I have to pass out the string with the new (non-unicode, utf-8) values, not the unicode values it holds.

In other words:

v_field = '123' hex = 3100,3200,3300 (Unicode)

converted_to_utf-8_buffer hex = 31,32,33

So, I need the value to stay 1,2,3, but I need its hex values changed to converted_to_utf-8_buffer hex = 31,32,33.

Due to issues we are having passing this data(html) out to a Web Application since Unicode upgrade, I want to pass the

this data(html) with the same values and hex values as it was before unicode Upgrade?

Is this possible? How?