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Former Member
Oct 26, 2009 at 11:15 AM

Help reg select statement


Hi all,

My internal table itab in my function module contains 3 fields from 3 different tables. Fetching data for the first field is directly fm db table. For the other 2 fields i need to fetch values in such a way that

LOOP AT itab.

SELECT field2 FROM table INTO itab for all entries in itab WHERE fieldx EQ itab-fieldx.

APPEND itab.



When i use such statements, time taken is considerably long enough so i tried replacing with "FOR ALL ENTRIES".

But even then its taking long time to execute.

Moreover i'm not able to get the values of the other 2 fields in my output.

I'm using move statement to fill the final table in the function module.

Pls can anyone help me to solve this issue.