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SAP PI - Run Java Class after Message Split?

Here is my scenario.

I have to split my source message into multiple messages for receiver. Further, I run a java class that changes some XML headers so they include a colon



SAP PI fails when parsing the message split due to the colon (split works successfully when I remove Java Class, but then fails on receiving system due to invalid tags). Is there a way I can run my java class to include colons after the message split occurs? Or is there a different way to handle colons in SAP PI other than running java classes after mappings?

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  • Hi Adam!

    It seems to me that you try to resolve the issue from the wrong side. The point is that you don't just add the colon to element - you mark your element with particular namespace that should be defined in your XML document.

    If your receiver message requires some namespace prefix for element, it should be described in XSD schema. Otherwise, if you created your own data type for the message in ESR - you should set the rules for qualifying elements with namespaces in your message type definition.

    Regards, Evgeniy.

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